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About ME! George (Mah-ZUR-liss) Miserlis

For 8 years a recurring Guest Star on the hit NBC comedy "Scrubs" playing the role of Crispin with Sam Lloyd, Philip McNiven & Paul Perry.

Decades of experience in comedy, with an ability to see life through a different prism. I can provide that quirky, sarcastic, dry, or comedic voice over product you're seeking. I did a lot of stage work (Training: BFA Syracuse University. London at LAMDA - Studied with the LATE Andrew Jack at LAMDA (6 months)!!; With The Second City, in Los Angeles); Equity productions of "Evita" ( Che Guevarra). In Beverly Hills, "Forever Plaid," and National Tour of "The Odd Couple" with Academy Award winning actress, Sandy Dennis and Broadway Stage Veteran, Kaye Ballard.

Yet, I'm mostly known as that recurring guest star, one of the internationally known group, Ted's Band (aka The Blanks) from NBC's hit TV series, "Scrubs." I created and incorporated comedy within all Blanks official videos, Blanks' Live Show (we performed in over 60 cities around the world), & I can vibrantly include those insights for your project. Yes, VIBRANTLY (I'm not kidding)!

Connect! Create & Conquer!

Have you felt like you've not connected with a voice actor, who will create a passionate thinking-out-of-the-box character? Regarding Voiceover, I'm a great listener, and I'll connect with you in a way, that our mutual creation will produce something memorable, to solve your problem, not just conquer your universe. Conquering a universe is FUN! Solving a problem? That's a pain in the buttocks. Please let me help you.

By day in Los Angeles, I'm a dedicated, full-time credentialed Special Education teacher (with a highly flexible schedule), which I enjoy immensely. I even hold a master's degree in Educational Therapy. But by night, early mornings, late afternoons, & late evenings, I am happily providing professional voiceover services. As an Adobe Audition expert, with my professional Sennheiser mkh 416, & studio, I will provide you with a flawless piece of work, so you receive the highest quality voiceover production in 24 to 48 hours!!! Heck, I might get it done sooner than you ever thought.

George Miserlis - Connect, Create & Conquer

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