The history of George Miserlis

George Miserlis had a recurring Guest Star on the NBC comedy "Scrubs" playing the role of Crispin with his buddies Sam Lloyd, Philip McNiven and Paul F. Perry.

Originally from Lowell, Massachusetts, his neighbors bribed him with chocolate to stop playing Herb Alpert's Greatest Hits over and over again!  Regardless, the M & M's were accepted, eaten and 'Whipped Cream' played ad infinitum influencing the young Georgie.

He had the pleasure of performing opposite the original New York cast members of Forever Plaid at the Canon Theatre in Beverly Hills.  And now they can say they've had the pleasure of performing with an original cast member of The Blanks.

In addition, Forever Plaid has given George the opportunity to continue performing it for many years throughout the Los Angeles area and around the country.  And this is when George had the really good fortune to meet, and become friends with Colin R. Freeman, as he was George's musical director for years doing "Plaid" together.

Besides amusing Colin (which is quite difficult to do), George would listen to him playing the piano in between shows and thought, "Why the hell isn't anyone hiring him to be their arranger?  If I don't hire him, someone else will!"

Sure enough George was correct in that years later Colin ended up working on one of Rod Stewart's standards revisited albums. Actually, George was unaware that Colin had arranged for many notable singers, including his most talented wife, Lorna Luft, as well he had conducted for many symphonies across the United States.

In short, George was completely in the dark about Colin's vast experience, and that amused Colin even more to produce George's album, and thanks to friends and family, the rest is history!

George positively hates it when actors brag who they've worked on stage or film with.

For example, saying that throughout George's stage career he's performed in various productions with actors including: Tim Curry, David Hyde Pierce, Molly Shannon, Vanessa Williams, Michael Jeter, Dick Van Dyke, Brock Peters, Sam Lloyd, Megan Mullally, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Joely Fisher.

Favorite stage credits include: National Tours of Evita, The Odd Couple (with Sandy Dennis and Kaye Ballard), and regionally, The Lion in Winter (with James Spader).  He also performed regularly with The Second City on Monday nights when it was in Santa Monica where he met fellow Blank, Philip McNiven.

Film Credits include: Sarah Pillsbury's Seeds of Tragedy as Luis, Mario in Desi and Lucy: Before the Laughter, and a leading role in Paramount Picture's feature film, The Incredible Genie, a children's fantasy, released on HBO and video.  And finally, he absolutely loves his wife Charlotte.

Quick facts

Santa Barbara, California
Lowell, Massachusetts
Lesbos, Greece

Big City Sessions

Check out George's album
Big City Sessions, produced by Colin R. Freeman.

Make sure you check out
track 4 where George performs God Only Knows with
The Blanks