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Big City Sessions - George Miserlis

Track list

  • 1. Come Back To Me
  • 2. How Do You Keep the Music Playing?
  • 3. T'Ein Afto Pou To Lene Agape
  • 4. God Only Knows Featuring The Blanks
  • 5. The Best Is Yet To Come
  • 6. Didn't We?
  • 7. That's All
  • 8. What Is Love?
  • 9. Bein' Green
  • 10. How Deep Is the Ocean?

Produced by Colin R. Freeman

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Riding the Wave - The Blanks

Track list

  • 1. Superman
  • 2. Charles in Charge
  • 3. A Little Polish
  • 4. They'll Never Know [spoken word]
  • 5. Touched Up [spoken word]
  • 6. Play On [spoken word]
  • 7. Testy Tiger
  • 8. Commandos (Attack!)
  • 9. Good Old Days
  • 10. Crowded Landscape [spoken word]
  • 11. Holy [spoken word]
  • 12. Happy Halloween
  • 13. The Full Monty
  • 14. Testy Tiger - reprise
  • 15. What Now? [spoken word]
  • 16. I'm in the Middle [spoken word]
  • 17. Facts of Life
  • 18. Flipper Theme
  • 19. Speed Racer
  • 20. The Riff Song
  • 21. John [spoken word]
  • 22. Do You Want? [spoken word]
  • 23. If You Never Looked at Me [spoken word]
  • 24. Boing Fwip
  • 25. Underdog
  • 26. Six Million Dollar Man
  • 27. Testy Tiger - additional reprise
  • 28. Love Having You [spoken word]
  • 29. I'll Be Seeing You 1:41
  • 30. The Ballad of Jimmy Durante
  • 31. Back to You [spoken word]


I was really grateful to receive such kind words from both Neil Flynn (The Janitor) and Ken Jenkins (Dr. Kelso) about my CD, Big City Sessions. Neil told me he plays it in his car! Whoo hoo! Thank you, Neil! And, Ken just listens to it! Thank you, KEN!

By George Miserlis

This album is so great. I have been playing it non-stop since it arrived. The vocals are wonderful. "How Deep is the Ocean?" Is my absolute favorite and what a nice surprise "God Only Knows" turned out to be!

By Mary Carroll

George Miserlis' "Big City Sessions" showcases a brilliant voice finding its match with stellar instrumental arrangements in song after song. The result: a classic album and a treasured addition to any music lover's library.

By Mark Humble

George has a rich, timeless voice that is an aural delight, as well as a gift for selecting perfect songs to showcase his talent. Orchestrations are WOW! And The Blanks' GOD ONLY KNOWS is gorgeously arranged and performed (not to mention being one of my all-time favorite romantic songs). Get this CD now! You'll love it!

By Jeanne

Wonderful big band stuff with a great voice! Also extremely pleased how you knew one of my favourite songs and you 'Blank'ed it up for us listeners! Amazing! Can't wait for more!!!

By Southampton music fan!

All I can say is WOW ~ This man can sing! His choice of music is extraordinary! This CD is a must have. Brilliant talent. Your songs made me think about good times and the exhilaration of being young. Thank you for the memories.

By Dr. Carol Case

Big City Sessions

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Big City Sessions, produced by Colin R. Freeman.

Make sure you check out
track 4 where George performs God Only Knows with
The Blanks

Riding The Wave

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